I was born and raised in a coastal beach town in Abruzzo Italy. Born into a family of sailors, I grew up with a strong connection and appreciation for all things nautical.
When I was a teenager, I began taking the art of knot making seriously and started making Knot Boards out of bristol board paper and super glue.  
I attended Nautical College to study marine navigation and began working around the world on supply vessels, tug boats, and cruise ships as a Navigational Officer. During long contracts at sea, I continued to practice my craft. 
In 2015, I moved to Canada and noticed people were interested in my Knot Boards. In November 2016, The Knot Captain was born. 
With the exception of the materials used, every inch of every Knot Board is entirely handmade by me. My hope is that people will appreciate the art of knot making, and view my work as a beautiful display of both art and history combined. 
Luciano Bianco
Owner & Artist